Laya makes a difference in empowering marginalized communities

Women and Youth Empowerment

Adivasi youth and women educated through the mainstream education system tend to be alienated from their own traditional culture, history, rights and hence often turn out to be misfits to their local context. LAYA through its Women and Youth Empowerment Unit, known as 'Parichay', facilitates training and capacity building programs designed to ensure contextual understanding, relevant knowledge and skills enabling them to play a leadership role in the region:

  • Ten-day Crash Adult Literacy Programme: A Case Study uploaded in the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) website on 7 October 2015.

    The main objective of the programme is to respond to the needs of motivated tribal women and men learners who hold some position of decision making in local bodies but are without literacy skills and must depend on others to read. (Read More)

  • Crash literacy program for women and young farmers
  • Alternative skill development in herbal based health care and natural resource management
  • Paralegal training to safeguard human rights
  • Leadership development

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