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Exploring Community Based CDM Projects: Pro-poor Clean Development Mechanisms

Laya Paderu Micro Scale Gold Standard VER Project

After exploring all possible options, we learnt that the need and potential to upscale improved stoves was immense. Hence, Laya began promoting energy efficient household cooking stoves of mud and brick construction called the Sarala stoves. We developed linkages with premier technological institutions like the Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore and other organizations such as Technology Initiative for Development Endeavour (TIDE), Bangalore, and Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI), Pune, to assist us with suitable community based cooking stoves. Subsequently, in order to upscale this initiative we developed a Micro Scale Gold Standard project to enable us to outreach approximately 4000 families. A CDM Consultant facilitated the process through Fair Climate Network (FCN) set up to facilitate pro-poor 'Clean Development Projects'. The project has been registered under the 'Gold standard' Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) under the micro scheme'. The Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement was finalized in March 2012. Energy Efficient woodstoves for 4000 families will be built and maintained for 10 years.

Laya Surakshana Gold standard VER project

During September – October 2011, Laya applied for a consultancy service from PUM, the Netherlands, a Dutch agency comprising environment experts, to assess the potential of a drinking water project through carbon credits. In January2012, a consultant Mr. Wiel Senden spent two weeks to assess the need situation and suggest an appropriate technology for drinking water purification in the region based on testing of about 40 samples in the adivasi region of both East Godavari and Visakhapatnam Districts. The samples suggested a high content of iron in bore-well sources of water and bacteria contamination in open wells and streams.

The technology solution suggested were Bio-Sand Filters (BSF) and Ceramic Filters (Steel Filters). In this context a project for a combination of both BSF (9000 families) and energy efficient woodstoves (4500 families) in Laya's working areas is being formulated. This project has been termed Laya Surakshana (Protection) Project. The first draft of the project design document is ready and we hope to begin the project by January 2015.

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