Laya makes a difference in empowering marginalized communities


Nurseries were raised and distributed in targeted villages for papaya, drumstick, gum karaya, orange, custard apple, mango and vegetable seedlings like tomato, chilli and brinjal (native varieties). Active tribal youth were selected from the community and were trained on organic farming practices and on the importance of organic agriculture, local manures, local cultivation practices, endemic crop diversity, possible prevention of external input in agriculture and other local agriculture issues. Exposure visits were also organised. Initiatives were also taken to demonstrate the preparation of organic manures and its applications. In strategic villages, nearly 30 tons of vermicompost was produced. Besides vermicompost preparations, the other organic manures like tank silt, pig manure, harvest of decomposing litter, humus from the surrounding forests, powder of tobacco stumps, crop residues, goat and sheep manure and having a pen in the field were advocated. Humus application to the mixed and brinjal crops was demonstrated.

A special organic farmers gathering and exhibition was organized in Visakhapatnam city with 300 tribal farmers who were involved in organic agriculture. During the farmers gathering various issues were discussed: the importance of land/ soil, water, forest and air was discussed. Crop diversity and various types of organic manures were exhibited. Preservation of natural resources for future generations was highlighted. About 400 varieties of crops were demonstrated and their importance was explained to school teachers and school children, who had also visited the exhibition.

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