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Non Edible Oil Seed


Background and Context


This region has a rich base of natural resources and availability of raw material and potential scope to start a basic Non-Edible Oil seed processing unit. A detailed project report was commissioned to the center of Technology Development (CTD), New Delhi which identified the potential of Non-Edible Seed production in the region.

The DPR has identified 7 seed varieties that can be acquired throughout the year. This means that that the procurement and processing unit will be operational throughout the year. LAYA’s focus will be to engage Tribal Youth (Men and Women) in procuring the seed varieties as Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP). The processed or semi-processed oils will be sold to major markets of Vizianagaram, Vishakhapatnam and other nearby cities where traders and end-user industries may purchase the oils for use in manufacturing soaps, lubricants, paints/varnish, ayurvedic and other medicinal formulations. Additionally, we have been informed by CTD that they already have a network base for marketing of these oils.

Project Design


Based on the design laid out in the DPR, the main processing unit will be situated at Addateegala village, Addateegala Mandal, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, known as the Nodal Unit. Here the de-seeded or semi-processed seeds will be expelled and made into oil. The Nodal Unit will be aided by Satellite units based at various strategically suited points or villages. Here the basic processing of seed material will take place such as deseeding, peeling, peeling, sorting etc. Finally, these satellite units will be supplied by 1 or 2 Collection Centers. Except for the Nodal center, being managed by LAYA, the satellite and collection centers will be managed by the community. In total, 3 satellite units and 8 collection centers have been identified.

Time Period of Project


This project will need 2 years to achieve financial sustainability to continue operations.

Project Implementation


The project will be implemented based on advise and supervision of Center for Technology and Development (CTD), New Delhi as they have experience in running such enterprises. LAYA’s team, having had local experience, contacts and relationship with the local communities for more than 28 years will utilize the technical support to materialize the project from a long term sustainable point of view. So far, Laya has already acquired Land in Addateegala, with a few structures to house the technologies.

Project Outcome


This project’s main focus will be to acquire naturally available species of non-edible oils through the community and produce oil for industrial purposes. This will enable collectors, satellite producers to earn an additional income from their existing agriculture related activities. Finally, if this enterprise finds ground for operational sustainability in the future, we envisage establishing more units in other regions that can further increase the outreach of this initiative.

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