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Natural resources form the 'core' source of adivasi livelihood. The ecological management of natural resources is the underlying factor contributing towards a dignified, locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable lifestyle among adivasi communities. In favourable conditions, natural resources can generate the required abilities and assets for the outcome of desired livelihood security options at the household, community and village levels.

In the recent past, however, a series of changes in the socio-economic and environmental conditions at the local, regional, national and global levels have increasingly affected the nature, status and conditions of natural resources. Consequently, this has significantly affected the fabric of sustainability of livelihood security in the adivasi areas.

This is particularly significant in the High Altitude Tribal Zone (HATZ), one of the 7-geo climatic zones of Andhra Pradesh.

Laya's main objective is to improve the sustainable productivity of natural resources. In doing so, we ensure that adivasi communities in the HATZ value and equip themselves with sustainable technologies in natural resource management in order to be 'food secure' and have basic livelihood security.

The year 2009 saw the culmination of two project cycles. A six-year project cycle in 5 villages in the East Godavari district and 13 villages in Visakhapatnam district and a three-year project cycle in 12 villages in the East Godavari district and 14 villages in Visakhapatnam district. After reviewing the two project cycles, Laya identified the challenge in responding to the livelihood security needs of the community. This challenge has two major dimensions:

The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Unit of Laya reaches out to 206 villages and 4569 households in 7 mandals of Visakhapatnam and the East Godavari districts.

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