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The Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) is an open and flexible national network of organizations and individuals who connect on the issue of climate change from the perspective of marginalized communities. Comprising currently of a core team of 16 active members, it was formed in 1996 at the initiative of a few development practitioners who saw the link between the climate change crisis and the larger issues of sustainable development and social justice. INECCs outreach is about 150 organizations based in various locations in the country. Laya has been one of the key founder members of the network and acts as its Secretariat.

INECC endeavors to bring forth concerns of the marginalized majority on climate change and sustainable development to the policy tables through four key thematic areas:

  • Engaging with policy dialogue and advocacy at various levels: from local to international.
  • Creating spaces for dialogue on climate issues with a diverse set of youth with a focus on climate justice, international processes, campaigns etc. The aim of this aspect is to identify ‘change agents’ and support enabling initiatives.
  • Mainstreaming climate change to integrate it in various development processes. This translates into action research on aspects like vulnerabilities, adaptation undertaken from a climate lens. This dimension also focuses on creating pilots for replication e.g: developing grassroots renewable energy clusters, decentralized waste management, etc. The need for climate change related education at various levels is being strongly emphasized from a mainstreaming perspective.
  • Linking, learning and convergence involves sharing our experiences with a variety of actors: NGO representatives, grassroots organizations, movements, academicians, researchers, scientists, etc. learning from others’ initiatives, building collaborations and forging convergence.

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