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The Fair Climate Network (FCN) comprises of more than 100 persons: development workers, climate change activists, environmentalists, scientists and other professionals from India and abroad. They represent 32 Grassroots NGOs who work with the rural poor, 20 support organizations and 6 Network members, who participate in their individual capacity. FCNs purpose is to facilitate and capacitate grassroots bodies to develop pro-poor Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects in India and tap carbon resources for the sustainable development of the poorest of the poor. Laya is one of the active members of this network

LCF Coalition

Laya promoted the idea of the 3rd FCN-Low Carbon Farming (LCF) Coalition to involve NGOs that were working with adivasis on Sustainable Agriculture in the Scheduled Areas. Later, NGOs working with adivasis in non-Scheduled Areas also joined in, as the broad goals were similar. Low Carbon Farming, while essentially based on principles of sustainable farming also takes into account reduced emissions from low input agricultural practices.

Laya, IRDWSI, CPSW, CeFHA, ACTION have been part of the 3rd FCN-LCF coalition, under the leadership of the Fair Climate Network. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), New York, provides cutting edge science needed to calculate carbon emission reductions. Laya is the lead organization for this project.

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