Laya makes a difference in empowering marginalized communities


The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) is a regional association of more than 200 organizations and individuals. It works towards promoting quality education for all and focuses on transformative and liberating, life-long adult education and learning. It strives to strengthen an Asia-Pacific movement to support community and people’s organizations, national education coalitions, teachers’ unions, campaign networks, and other civil society groups and institutions in holding governments and the inter-national donor community accountable in meeting education targets and commitments.

Through its work ASPBAE lobbies with governments to:

  • Ensure the right of all to education.
  • Uphold education as an empowering tool to combat poverty and all forms of exclusion and discrimination.
  • Enable active and meaningful participation in governance.
  • Build a culture of peace and international understanding. Laya is a member organization of ASPBAE.

Laya is a member of ASPBAE and Dominic D’souza, Associate Director of Laya, is currently a member of the Executive Council of ASPBAE from the South Asia Region.

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