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Community College Initiative


There are hardly any institutions of contextual learning for adivasi youth in the Scheduled Areas of Andhra Pradesh. The mainstream education opportunities are not designed to respond to the learning needs of lifelong educational processes for adivasi youth. This kind of training is hence vital also from the perspective of contributing to the integration and social harmony in these far flung adivasi communities.

Objectives of Community College

  • To create opportunities for adivasi youth to be professionally qualified so that they are employed in viable livelihood options;
  • To empower the adivasi youth, such that they, as well as others, value their integrity and perceive themselves with dignity and respect
  • To create a human resource which can provide sustainable and effective quality of services at the community level.

Curriculum Perspective

The curriculum for the Community College comprises two major dimensions:

  • Life Skills: Multiple skill development relating to life coping skills, interpersonal relationship and communication skills as a foundation essential for all trainees;
  • Work Skills: Subject matter skills focusing on hands on learning and future responsibilities particularly in relation to employability.

The curriculum for each training programme is developed detailing learning objectives for each module and each session. The methodology comprises classroom sessions, home assignments, field practice, internship and hands on experience and preparation for employment, self or job related.

The first training programme on ‘Community Ayurvedic Health Practitioners’ was held from August 2018 – February 2019. The second training programme on ‘Community Ayurvedic Health Practitioners’ was initiated in August 2019. In tandem a one-year training programme, ‘Sustainable Agriculture Practitioners’ was launched in April 2019. The selected trained farmers will be engaged in Bio Integrated Organic Farming (BIOFARM). The trainings are carried out at Vanantharam, LAYA’s Herbal Health Care Centre at Addateegala, East Godavari district.

The initiation of the LAYA Community College with these three training programmes have been possible with the generous and timely financial support from Ashakiran, Germany and Desi Technologies, Bhubaneswar. LAYA gratefully acknowledges the significant roles of Dr. Cornelia Mallebrein, Ashakiran and Dr. Benudhar Sutar, Desi Technologies, in the realization of our dream.

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