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  • 'BIODIVERSITY CONSERVER AWARD’ from the Government of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board
    22nd May - 2019

    LAYA is honored and proud to receive the ‘BIODIVERSITY CONSERVER AWARD’ from the Government of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board on the International Day for Biological Diversity - 2019. To restore the biodiversity in the forest ecosystem, LAYA has been implementing several activities in the 4 northern districts of Andhra Pradesh: East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. The activities focus on:

    - Restoration and conservation of the biodiversity of medicinal plants
    - Experiments in propagation of endangered plant species
    - Inculcation of scientific temper in conservation and optimal use of natural resources
    - Training in sustainable harvesting
    - Domestication of broom grass
    - Demonstration of value-added products in wild/hill mangoes towards improving food security, and
    - Introducing a variety of fish species in water bodies

    LAYA’s work is related to three interventions:

    1. Revitalization of Community Herbal Based Health Care
    2. Action Research Projects for Biodiversity Conservation
    3. Promotion of Biodiversity in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest Regeneration and Pisciculture
  • Promoting locally relevant practices
    14th July - 2018

    LAYA has been promoting fruit bearing trees of 8 local varieties, vegetables of 12 varieties and paddy for System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in various panchayats of YRamavaram mandal through the distribution of plants/seeds. The effect is being monitored.

  • Lok Adalat
    14th July - 2018

    A Padmavathi, one of our field coordinators who is a Bench member of Lok Adalat took part in the First Class Judicial Magistrate Court held in Addateegala on July 14, 2018. The Court settled 11 accident cases, 35 BSNL unsettled bills cases and 3 bank unsettled loan cases.

  • Climate Change Education
    11th & 12th July - 2018

    The LAYA team at Addateegala organized introductory Climate Change Education sessions in Government Tribal Welfare Ashram Girls High School in Dalipadu village, Dalipadu Panchayat, Y Ramavaram Mandal for VII class students with a participation of 36 students and also in Government Tribal Welfare Ashram Boys High School in Panasalapalem village, Dalipadu Panchayt, Y Ramavaram Mandal for IX class students with a participation of 35 students.

  • Capacity building initiatives with youth
    3rd - 9th July - 2018

    On Youth leadership
    A youth leadership programme in Paderu was organized on July 9, 2018 with a participation of 55 youth (M 46 F 9) from 12 panchayats and 3 mandals. The discussions in the meeting centred around issue identification, approaching government officials, submitting applications and resolving issues.
    On NREGs
    Several meeting on NREGS were organized in East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts 0n the overall aspects of the scheme especially measurements of work, wages, identification of sites, etc. for approximately 94 participants of which 21 were women
    With self help groups
    A Self Help Groups (SHGs) leaders meeting was held at Paderu on July 3, 2018 with a participation of 30 women leaders to strengthen the existing groups, discuss leadership qualities, group functioning, identifying local issues and solving them.

  • 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference
    18th - 21st June - 2018

    Nafisa Goga D’Souza, Ajita Tiwari and Myron Mendes from LAYA participated in the 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference aimed to input into the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report. A poster on LAYA’s work on Community Based Adaptation for Resilience was displayed.

  • Training Program on Creative Painting
    18th June - 2018

    Organized a training program on creative acrylic hand painting with 90 Adivasi students in Ashram Schools at D Bheemavaram and Addateegala Mandals. The main focus of the program was to train students on how to paint with mixed colors using hand and fingers. Ms Behnaz Mogrelia and her team of Social Work students, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai were the Resource persons of the programme supported by G Bulliyya, Area Coordinator, LAYA.

  • Crash Literacy Program
    13th - 17th June - 2018

    Conducted a 5 day Crash Literacy Program, for 25 adivasi (tribal) women in Jajipalem village, Dakodu Panchayat. The main focus of the programme was to impart knowledge on alphabets, words, sentences, numerics and basic calculations.

  • Backyard poultry CIG members meeting
    9th June - 2018

    Organized a meeting with WASSAN team and CIG group members on chick distribution on May 14, 2018. J Aruna Kumari, Entrepreneur who built a breeder farm, distributed chicks to 10 CIG group members in Somannapalem cluster. Also organized an awareness meeting on June 9, 2018 with 40 Common Interest Group (CIG) members (33 female and 7 male) on night shelters and poultry management at Gummaripalem cluster, Y. Ramavaram mandal.

  • Youth meetings on PESA and Land issues:
    May & June - 2018

    Conducted awareness program on PESA Act with 51 Adivasi Youth (44 male and 7 female) in Addateegala and Yerram Reddypalem. Also conducted awareness meeting on land issues with 30 Adivasi male youth of Chaparaivalasa and Etikavalasa villages, Pachipenta Mandal, Vizianagaram district. The villagers were guided to approach the Government Officials for their occupied land. 40 families reoccupied 5 acres of D patta land which belonged to their forefathers in two villages and were given permission to sow the field.

  • Skill upgradation training
    6th June - 2018

    Organized skill upgradation training program for Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) in Paderu area with a participation of 18 THPs. The main focus of the programme was to upgrade the skills in medicine preparation and preservation. Also distributed medicinal kits and preparatory instruments.

  • Participation in Traditional Health Practitioners (THP) General Body Meetings:
    3 rd, 14th & 31st May - 2018

    Representatives of LAYA participated in 3 THP General Body meetings held at Boddamanuguda with a participation of 60 THPs from Srikakulam and Vizianagaram; at Paderu with a participation of 70 THPs from 5 mandals i.e., Paderu, G Madugula, Hukumpet, Pedabayulu and Dumburiguda; at Vanantharam, Addateegala with a participation of 60 THPs from East Godavari District. The local MLA, ZPTC, Mandal Parishad President and Sarpanch also took part in the meeting held at Paderu;

  • Consultations on “SDG Implementation in Assam:
    29th May - 2018

    Two consultations focusing on implementation of SDGs in Assam were organized by LAYA-INECC in collaboration with CESPR at North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd., at Guwahati and Tezpur with a participation of 57 and 45 members respectively. The consultations created an opportunity for an effective dialogue among policymakers, think tanks and practitioners with respect to Sustainable Development Goals crucial in the Assam context. LAYA - INECC aims to take forward the outputs from the consultation to engage with SDG cells in other states.

  • Capacity Building
    29th May - 2018

    Organized meeting with 85 (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) MGNREGS mates from Puthikavalasa & Maripadu panchayaths. The meeting focused on training them on the latest updates of the MNREG Act and measurement of work; meeting held at Peddaguda, Seethampeta Mandal, Srikakulam district.

  • Carbon Audit by Moringa Oleifera Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (MOCPL):
    21st - 24 th May - 2018

    Jacob Joseph, Moringa Oleifera Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (MOCPL), Pune and their Technical Partner Dr Priyadarshini Karve, Samuchit Enviro Tech, Pune has undertaken a Carbon Audit for LAYA office, Vishakhapatnam in order to calculate the Carbon Footprint as well as to suggest ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Workshop on Improving the Agricultural Farming Systems in Tribal areas:
    23 rd May - 2018

    A Consultative workshop on Improving the Agricultural Farming Systems in Tribal areas was organized by Tribal Welfare Department and Agriculture Department in Visakhapatnam. The participants of the workshop were POs, Agriculture Functionaries of ITDAs & Joint Directors, other functionaries of Agriculture Department and NGOs. Mr B Chakra Babu, Field Coordinator, Natural Resource Management Unit attended the meeting on behalf of Laya.

  • Training on Horticulture crops:
    19 th May - 2018

    Organized a two-days training programme in Vanantharam, Addategala to train how to cultivate cashew and mango. The programme was attended by 40 farmers (12 female & 28 male) from Gangavaram and Rajavamangi mandal, East Godavari district.

  • Orientation on V scheduled ACT:
    18 th May - 2018

    Facilitated an orientation meeting on V Scheduled Act at Kothavalasa, Saluru mandal with a participation of 85 tribals like Teaching staff, PRI members and Youth from 4 mandals i.e., Pachipenta, Saluru, Makkuva, G. L. Puram. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss implications of residing in scheduled areas.

  • Millets Recipe Training Programme:
    15 th May - 2018

    Organised a ‘Millets Recipe’ Training programme for 25 women participants in Mulasalapalem village, Yerrareddypalem Panchayat, Y. Ramavaram mandal. The participants were trained to make different recipes from millet like ragi murukulu, korra payasam, korra kitchidi and Ragi sweet balls.

  • Self-employment training programme:
    April & May - 2018

    Organized a self-employment training program at Vanantharam, Addateegala for adivasi youth on electrical skills like house wiring, switchboard fixing, identification of different wires, distribution boards, cables assembling and all plumbing works. 12 adivasi youth were trained.

  • Key Stakeholders Meet on Solid Waste Management
    9th May - 2018

    A meeting on the issue of Solid Waste Management (SWM)as a part of a more comprehensive effort to understand and respond to the issues of ‘Sustainable Visakhapatnam’ was organized at Visakhapatnam in collaboration with the Environmental Science Department, Andhra University and Environmental Studies Department, GITAM.

    The purpose of this meeting was to consider strategies of addressing the SWM problems in a way that is realistic and practical. The need for a decentralized approach with the active involvement of multiple stakeholders especially the Resident Welfare Associations and the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) was underscored at the meeting. The meeting recognized that it is imperative that a long-term solution to the problem of waste management be conceived for sustainable living.

  • Backyard Poultry Project
    February & 23rd March - 2018

    Construction of cluster breeder farms and night shelters are in process in Addateegala and Y Ramavaram as part of the Back Yard Poultry (BYP) Project. A BYP Project Review meeting was conducted on March 23, 2018 in Pedabayulu Mandal. Breed farm owners, vaccinators and 10 Common Interest Groups (CIG) participated in the meeting: 106 women and 18 men.

  • Exposure visit
    19th March - 2018

    The Natural Resource Management Unit organized an exposure visit for 37 farmers of Pathakota, Gurthedu, Daragedda and Boddagandi panchayats to fields demonstrating cashew gardens, jowar produce, practices of Systems of Rice Intensification and Ragi fields using high humus based manure and cow urine based pesticides.

  • National Workshop on Decentralised Seed Systems for Climate Resilient Agriculture in Rainfed Areas:
    8th & 9th March - 2018

    Mr Chakra Babu B, Field Coordinator, Natural Resource Management Unit attended a National Workshop on ‘Decentralised Seed Systems for Climate Resilient Agriculture in Rainfed Areas’ organized at Hyderabad.

  • International Women’s day celebration:
    8th March - 2018

    Empowerment of Youth & Women Unit organized events on International Women’s Day in 4 districts: Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari where 425 Adivasi women and their leaders participated. They deliberated on village development issues and entitlements as well as celebrated their cultural forms with songs and dances.

  • Workshop on Adivasi future perspectives and appropriate project planning:
    7th - 9th March - 2018

    Mr D Lova Raju, Coordinator, Decentralised Energy Options Unit for Paderu area participated in a workshop on ‘Adivasi future perspectives and appropriate project planning’ organized by our partner agency Bread for the World.
    The workshop offered opportunities for participants
    1. To reflect on issues of health, education and economy;
    2. To interact with communities on their needs and aspirations and identify future actions to be taken by communities and other stakeholders
    3. To identify gaps between projects and programs of NGOs and governments and possible improvements and/or issues for consultation and advocacy

  • Orientation meeting with Adivasi youth:
    2nd March - 2018

    Organised an orientation meeting with Adivasi youth in Andiba, Hukumpeta mandal with focus on NREGs Act and for applying job cards with a total participation of 24 members of which 6 were women.

  • Science Day Celebrations:
    28nd February - 2018

    Mr Koteswara Rao K, Coordinator, Natural Resource Management unit, LAYA was invited as one of the judges by the St Mary’s English Medium School, Addateegala on the occasion of Science Day where climate change initiatives and renewable energy models were presented.

  • Training young farmers on Sustainable Agriculture:
    25th February - 1st March 2018

    The Natural Resource Management Unit organized a 5-day residential training programme on ‘sustainable agriculture’ for young farmers from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts. The training was at Vanantharam, Addateegala with a participation of 32 young farmers: 6 females and 26 males.

  • Botanical tour:
    24th February - 2018

    110 students and 10 faculty members from Arts Government Degree College, Rajahmundry visited Vanantharam, Addateegala on a botanical tour to learn about ethno-medicine. They were introduced to various types of medicinal plants and their benefits and usage.

  • Single Women’s meeting:
    23rd February - 2018

    Organized single women’s awareness meeting with focus on widow pension schemes, housing schemes, property rights and other government schemes and how to proceed in getting these schemes. There was participation of 14 women: 11 single women and 3 CBO leaders.

  • Workshop on Communication through Print and Electronic Media:
    18th - 20th February - 2018

    A workshop on Communication through Print and Electronic Media has been organized by LAYA for its personnel. The aim is to effectively showcase the work done by its team and to set guidelines for information dissemination, broadly covering formats, timelines, methods of sharing and documentation approach. The coverage will essentially aim to capture the work, sentiments of the communities and will be result oriented.

  • Meeting with PRI representatives:
    17th February - 2018

    Organised a meeting with 15 PRI representatives on Local Functional Committees and PESA Act.

  • Crash Night Literacy Programme:
    14th - 18th February - 2018

    Conducted Crash night literacy programme in Regulapadu Village, Somannapalem panchayat. 19 trainees and 2 trainers participated in the programme; the focus of the meeting was to enable participants to read words, sentences, short stories and understand numerics.

  • Exposure visit:
    16th February - 2018

    Two Faculty members accompanying 20 students of MSW Final year from Roda Mistry College of Social Work and Research Centre, Hyderabad visited Vanantharam on a study tour. Their areas of specializations are Human Resource Management and Urban, Rural & Tribal Community Development. The main focus of their visit was to understand the objectives, area of functioning, policies with relevance to our projects and field visit of the project area. They visited Nellikota and Mulagalpudi villages.

  • Training programme for Young Farmers:
    26th - 30th January - 2018

    A training programme for young farmers was held at Mangampadu on climate resilient agriculture. As part of an exposure visit the farmers visited Gangawada village to get insights on the slow sand water filter and hydro ram pump used for lifting water for access to water at the village centre and for irrigation of agriculture land.

  • New model of Bio Sand Water Filter:
    26th January - 2018

    Laya has come up with a new model of Bio sand water filter with PVC pipes. The new version is economical and mobile compared to the conventional model.

  • Gobeshona4, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
    8th - 11th January - 2018

    Mr Sanjay Khatua, Board Member of LAYA participated in the 4th Annual Gobeshona Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh. The conference was divided in 3 sections: (1) Local Solutions (2) Science Policy Dialogues and (3) Communicating Research. The focus of this year was for research based solutions on the local vulnerabilities with particular reference to Bangladesh.

  • Dr P Trinadha Rao, Special Public Prosecutor for the tribal women:
    4th January - 2018

    As per the orders of the Andhra Pradesh High Court the District Collector was directed to appoint Dr P Trinadha Rao, our legal expert, as a Special Public Prosecutor on behalf of tribal women who were molested by the police in Vakapalli village, Visakhapatnam district. The judge observed: ‘the women have been made to run from pillar to post and that in the least they should get a Public Prosecutor of their choice’.
    However, subsequently the order of a single judge was challenged and an appeal was filed for a special bench by the aggrieved greyhound policemen and the State of AP. A panel of six advocates was proposed by the High Court bench for the tribal women to choose from on the grounds of facilitating a fair trial and Trinadh Rao would be permitted to assist the Special Public Prosecutor.

  • Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming:
    1st - 9th January - 2018

    12 tribal youth farmers from Pathakota cluster participated in a nine-day training programme on Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming in Guntur. LAYA is playing a facilitation role in the ZBNF initiative.

  • Auditors field visit:
    13th - 15th December - 2017

    Sandeep & Associates, Auditors of Bread for the World (BftW) project visited Chinthalapudi, Dumpavalasa, Allurigedda, Pathakota, Mangampadu and Gangawada field areas.

  • Self-employment training program:
    Mid- December - 2017

    A ten-day self-employment training program was organized by LAYA at Vanantharam, Addateegala for adivasi youth on electrical skills like house wiring, connecting switches, distribution boards, cables assembling, meter fitting, inverter connections and all plumbing works. 12 adivasi youth from Somannapalem, Dhanyampalem, Dakodu villages were trained. It is hoped that these skills will also contribute to stemming outmigration of youth.

  • Crash literacy initiatives:
    Mid- December - 2017

    A crash literacy orientation meeting was held on December 9 in Valasa, Bangarubandalu and Chintakoyya villages of Chinthalapudi panchayat, Y. Ramavaram mandal followed by a three-day night crash literacy programme conducted in the same villages with a participation of 68 tribal women.

  • Promotion of Millets:
    8th December - 2017

    LAYA in collaboration with the Project Officer, ITDA and Girijan Corporative Cooperation distributed sama rice, jonna ravva and ragi powder to 150 ration card holders in two villages, through the Public Distribution System mainly to address the nutrition needs. Subsequently a millets processing unit shed was constructed by the Boddagandi Macs in Mangampadu village to outreach the mandal.

  • Workshop on Crop Diversity and Climate Resilient Crops Varieties:
    7th December - 2017

    RARS Chinthapalli and National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR), Hyderabad jointly organizing a workshop on ‘Crop Diversity and Climate Resilient Crops Varieties’. Mr K Koteswara Rao, Coordinator, Natural Resource Management was specially invited to share LAYA’s involvement in climate resilient agricultural and community seed banks and also to prepare for the future course of action.

  • Global Sustainability Leader:
    December - 2017

    The US Green Chamber of Commerce has come out with their newest Q&A series on Global Sustainability Leaders. INECC is proud to announce that its National Facilitator, Ajita Tiwari Padhi, has been nominated and selected for an interview.

  • Financing Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia and Nexus Member Meeting:
    5th & 6th December - 2017

    LAYA nominated Siddharth D’Souza to participate in a Workshop on ‘Financing Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia and Nexus Member Meeting’ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As LAYA is now a member of Nexus, the meeting was an opportunity to connect with other members who are involved in pro-poor carbon projects.

  • Exposure visit:
    3rd December - 2017

    35 students and 5 faculty members from Siddhartha Degree College, Vijayawada visited Vanantharam on a Botanical tour to explore ayurvedic plants and medicine preparation methods.

  • Special Ayurvedic Health Camp:
    1st - 3rd December - 2017

    A three day Special Ayurvedic Health Camp was organized in collaboration with AYUSH Department with 6 Ayurvedic doctors and team. The main focus was on women and children.

    Also conducted a three day in-house training programme and distributed medicines and OP registers to traditional healers.

  • Skill Based Training Programme:
    November, December - 2017 & January - 2018

    LAYA conducted a three-day training program for traditional health practitioners in Pulagondi village, Paderu mandal. Even though this is the season for harvesting their crops, there was a good turnout for the training program. The health practitioners were given training sessions in medicine preparation.

    A three-day in-house skill upgradation training for traditional health practitioners was organized at Bodamanuguda village, Vizianagaram district.

    A three-day training programme in collaboration with Kovel foundation (NGO) was organized in Vanantharam, Addateegala

  • Water filter installation:
    28th Nov - 2017

    LAYA has installed a Slow Sand Water Filter in Gangawada Hamlet of Boddagandi Panchayat, Y. Ramavaram mandal, East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.This filter will supply potable drinking water to 25 families in the hamlet. The slow sand filter is the first of its kind in the area and will demonstrate its usefulness for community level drinking water supply.
    Slow sand filtration is a type of centralized or semi-centralized water purification system. A well-designed and properly maintained slow sand filter (SSF) effectively removes turbidity and pathogenic organisms through various biological, physical and chemical processes in a single treatment step. Slow sand filtration systems are characterized by a high reliability and rather low lifecycle costs. Moreover, neither construction nor operation and maintenance require more than basic skills. Hence, slow sand filtration is a promising filtration method for small to medium-sized, rural communities with a fairly good quality of the initial surface water source. As stated by the WHO, “Slow sand filtration provides a simple but highly effective and considerably cheap tool that can contribute to a sustainable water management system.”

  • A Dialogue for Climate Justice:
    25th Nov - 2017

    A “Dialogue for Climate Justice” was organized by Odisha Civil Liberty Forum (OCLF) in collaboration with Indian Network on Ethics & Climate Change (INECC) & LAYA. Dr. Nafisa Goga D’Souza presented the context of climate change and its impact in Odisha and showed a short film on the present situation of the climate footprint of Odisha. The high level panel comprised the Additional Solicitor of India, Supreme Court of India. Sr. Advocate and President of Supreme Court Bar Association,representative of OXFAM,and Chairman and Secretary, OCLF The Ld. Attorney General for India.

  • Backyard Poultry updates:
    23rd - 29th Nov - 2017

    • Vaccinators training programme held at LAYA training centre, Addateegala for East and West Godavari districts on November 23, 2017;
    • WASSAN and LAYA conducted a training for Breeder Farm Enterprises (BFEs) for 36 members of East and West Godavari districts on November 24, 2017;
    • Also conducted vaccination of poultry on November 25, 2017;
    • Five breeder farms were initiated in Pedabayulu mandal, Visakhapatnam district in the presence of local officials, poultry experts and elected representatives on November 29th 2017.

  • Workshop on Tribal Health:
    24th Nov - 2017

    G Bulliyya, Coordinator, Herbal Based Health Care participated in a workshop on Tribal Health organized by Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Rampachodavaram. The workshop was attended by Researchers, Traditional Health Practitioners, Allopathic doctors, Government officials and NGOs to discuss on the health situation of the adivasi community.

  • Climate Change Education classes:
    15th - 19th Nov - 2017

    - LAYA organized climate change education session with 53 students in GTWA Girls school in Guda village. The main focus of the session was on greenhouse gases.

    - Climate change session with 37 students of Std. IX class at Kasthrba Gurugula Ashram Girls school in Hukumpeta mandal.

    - Organized Climate Change Education classes in HIS Vocational College at Addateegala with a participation of 80 students (15 Boys 65 girls). Also organized classes in Dalipadu school with a participation of 170 students and 8 teachers.

    - Two-day climate change classes at Panasalapalem school

    - Conducting drawing competition on Climate Change with VII standard children in Dakodu school.

  • Traditional Medicine Exhibition in Adivasi Samvaad, Tata Nagar, Jharkhand:
    15th - 19th Nov - 2017

    Traditional Health Practitioners from 17 states participated at a Workshop on Traditional Healers’ Certification Programme where the exhibition on herbal medicine was presented.

  • Meeting with SHG Leaders on Nutrition:
    16th Nov - 2017

    Organised a meeting with Self Help Groups (SHGs) on nutrition with participants from three mandals namely Paderu, Hukumpeta and Pedabayulu. Project Officer and Additional Project Officer, Integrated Child Development Services explained the role of the anganwadi in promoting nutrition food to tribal women and children.

  • Children’s Day Celebrations:
    14th Nov - 2017

    Children’s Day was celebrated in schools of 5 villages across 3 panchayats. Essay writing and drawing competitions were conducted in the context of climate change.

  • Basic Leadership Development Course (BLDC):
    11th - 17th Nov - 2017

    Myron Mendes was nominated and selected to participate in ASPBAE's program on Basic Leadership Development Course (BLDC) which was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
    The main objective of ASPBAE’s BLDC was to engage leadership from the Asia Pacific region to foster greater interaction between education and the wider SDGs and strengthen interaction between practitioners of youth and adult education and advocates of SDG 4.
    Myron presented and conducted a session on Education for ‘Sustainable Development’. This was the first time in the history of the BLDC that a participant was invited to conduct a session during the course, which also is an endorsement of LAYA's work on Education for Sustainable Development.

  • 19th Organic World Congress 2017
    9th - 11th Nov - 2017

    Mr B Chakra Babu, Field Coordinator, Natural Resource Management and team attended the Organic World Congress of IFOAM - Organics International. The aim of the congress was to share experiences, innovations and knowledge about the organic world, while giving the organizing country global visibility. It attracts international attention and offers a global platform for exchange. It benefits a number of different organic stakeholders, including the local and global organic movements, farmers, governments, international development agencies, policy-makers, researchers and scientists, and trade.
    LAYA team also put up a kiosk to exhibit organic agricultural products.

  • Adivasi Samvaad
    8th & 9th Nov - 2017

    Laya in collaboration with the Community Based Organisation (CBO) Federation, Andhra Pradesh Adivasi Sanghala Samakhya (APPSS) has organized a State Level Convention - Adivasi Samvaad for Adivasi youth from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. Around 200 members, out of which 184 are Adivasi men and women have participated in the Samvaad making it a vibrant event. The focus of the Adivasi Samvaad was on ‘Youth Leadership in Community Development.

  • Conference of Parties (COP) - 23, Bonn Germany
    6th - 9th Nov - 2017

    Siddharth D’Souza participated at COP – 23, Bonn Germany as a member delegate representing LAYA – INECC. The focus was to observe the negotiations in part and network among civil society groups. In addition, he also worked on fostering support for LAYA’s pro-poor energy projects.

  • Andhra Pradesh Advisory Council
    7th Nov - 2017

    Mr Palla Trinadha Rao, Advocate attended the Andhra Pradesh Tribes Advisory Council (APTAC), a constitutional body, as a Special Invitee and recommended a need to bring changes to the Land Transfer Regulation (LTR) and Settlement Regulation enabling cancellation of orders issued in favour of non-tribals. Interestingly the APTAC has approved the proposal to examine both the regulations and to amend them. Moreover another proposal to examine all the state laws and GOs or rules which are not in conformity with the provisions of Central PESA Act 1996 was also approved at the TAC.
    His mandate is to come up with legal amendments and place the same before the Tribes Advisory Council in the next meeting in order to seek its approval and send it to the Governor.

  • Study Tour on ‘Just transition from Coal’, Westphalia, Germany
    1st - 3rd Nov - 2017

    LAYA nominated Siddharth D’Souza to participate in a study tour relating to Germany’s just transition from coal. This event was to understand the issues in shifting to a greener economy. The exposure demonstrated how an entire industry that employed workers on coal shifted or were gradually retired because of coal being increasingly more expensive to mine locally.

  • Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs)
    31st Oct - 2017

    Organized a THPs meeting at Pathakota village. THPs from 3 panchayats, Pathakota, Daragedda and Gurthedu took part in the meeting.

  • Panchayat Micro Plans
    31st Oct - 2017

    Organized a preparation meeting of panchayat micro plans at Gurthedu, upper part of Y. Ramavaram with Sarpanches of 5 panchayats. The main theme of the meeting was to educate PRI members to prepare plans for each panchayat and focus on village wise issues. These plans will be submitted to the Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), District Collector and Tribal Welfare Commissioner.

  • German Journalist’s visit
    30th Oct - 2017

    An independent German Journalist, Thomas Kruchem visited Paderu area to know how improved cook stoves help women especially in relation to reducing indoor pollution.

  • Climate Change Education Programme
    28th Oct - 2017

    Climate Change sessions were conducted with V to VIII Standard students at Mangampadu. 160 boys and 8 teachers took part in the programme. The children were encouraged in planting plants like mango, papaya, drumstick, guava and leaf variety plants.

  • Community Based Organisations (CBO) Network District Level meeting held in Paderu
    26th Oct - 2017

    The main focus of the CBOs Network District Level meeting was to discuss the action plan with reference to Model Gramsabhas, Government schemes, Recognition of Forest Rights (RoFR), podu pattas, health camps, ration cards and to take part in the Adivasi Samvaad 2017 in Addateegala, East Godavari district in November. It was also planned to meet the Sub Collector regarding these issues.

  • Borewell training Programme in Dhanyapalem Panchayat
    25th Oct - 2017

    As part of our mandate to enhance skill development in our working areas, the LAYA team conducted an 8-day training program for youth on borewell maintenance and repairs.
    The young men are then able to earn from the Panchayat by providing this added service to the community. The training involves a comprehensive understanding of the functions of borewells, the tools used to repair them, and finding solutions to the problems that occur to the borewells.

  • Low Carbon Improved Cook Stoves
    25th Oct - 2017

    In our endeavor to provide access to clean and healthy cooking options to the Adivasi women, LAYA continues to construct Low Carbon Improved Cookstoves. Four new members were trained for mud stove construction from Gurthedu, Dhanyapalem, Dusarapamu and Addateegala panchayats.
    The field team are building new cookstoves as well as servicing the previously built ones for the community.

  • Pre-COP 23 Consultation
    24th Oct - 2017

    Ms Ajita Tiwari, made a presentation on “The State of Carbon Markets and the New Market Mechanism (NMM)” during the Pre-CoP 23 Consultation on ‘Ensuring Equity in Paris Agreement Rulebook’ organized by PAIRVI and other Civil Society organisations at IIC, New Delhi. She presented the architecture of the emerging NMM, its interaction with Kyoto Protocol, the post 2020 regime and the current elements under negotiations. She raised the concern that given the experience of CDM in India, NMM should not serve as a false solution but meet the objective of overall GHG reductions. She pointed out that without a viable carbon pricing mechanism, binding emissions reduction targets and neglecting sustainable development objectives, carbon markets in any form would continue to fail us!

  • PESA Act implementation - facilitating Model Gram Panchayats in the Scheduled Areas of Andhra Pradesh
    24th Oct - 2017

    A field level meeting was organized on developing Model Gram Panchayats under PESA Act and Rules with all the line department officials. The meeting focused on the roles and responsibilities of both functionaries and stake holders of Gram Sabhas / Gram Panchayats.

  • Crash Literacy Course
    23nd - 27th Oct - 2017

    A Crash Literacy Course was held in Paderu from October 23 – 27, 2017. The main objective of this effort is to reach out to Adivasi women learners and equip them with basic literacy skills, especially their ability to read in Telugu and numeracy skills in order to facilitate their effective functioning as leaders at the grassroots’ level. As the women can speak the language fluently we felt that there must be a way by which their literary skills could be developed quickly rather than in a long-term accompaniment process as in traditional adult literacy classes. This particular batch of 30 women learners hail from Hukumpeta and Pedabayalu Mandal. They are mostly women who are between the ages of 20 and 40.

    Also discussed about tribal women inheritance property right during the workshop period.
    A Crash Literacy Course was held in Paderu from October 23 – 27, 2017. The main objective of this effort is to reach out to Adivasi women learners and equip them with basic literacy skills, especially their ability to read in Telugu and numeracy skills in order to facilitate their effective functioning as leaders at the grassroots’ level. As the women can speak the language fluently we felt that there must be a way by which their literary skills could be developed quickly rather than in a long-term accompaniment process as in traditional adult literacy classes. This particular batch of 30 women learners hail from Hukumpeta and Pedabayalu Mandal. They are mostly women who are between the ages of 20 and 40.

    Crash Literacy Course champ, V. Chinnari. She is 31 years old and is an agricultural laborer. eing physically challenged since birth she has been looked down upon in the community. She hails from a financially poor family and hence they weren't able to educate her. V. Chinnari has participated in our Crash Literacy Course and she has learnt to write a few words and sign her very own name for the first time. She is now also able to do basic math and to count money. This will help her immensely when she goes to the market by herself.
    In the words of V. Chinnari: 'I am more confident now and I want to inspire my other physically challenged friends'.

  • Zero Budget Natural Farming
    22nd Oct - 2017

    Mr K Koteswara Rao, Coordinator, Natural Resource Management participated in an NGOs meeting held at Kovel Foundation, Visakhapatnam to discuss on the Draft MoU of Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming project.

  • Desi backyard Poultry program
    16th Oct - 2017

    Distribution of cement bags to families in Somannapalem cluster for construction of night shelter as part of the Desi Backyard Poultry program. The programme is in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government Department of Animal Husbandry and WASSAN, NGO, Hyderabad and LAYA is a Field Partner and is responsible for implementation of the project in Y Ramavaram and Addateegala mandals.

  • Special Ayurvedic Health Camp
    15th - 17th Oct - 2017

    Special Ayurvedic Health Camps were organized in Paderu in 6 different villages in collaboration with AYUSH Department. The team provided treatment for gynecology problems, common illness, etc to 250 villagers.

  • Workshop on evaluating an individual's carbon footprint
    14th Oct - 2017

    LAYA in collaboration with the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change and Samuchit Enviro Tech conducted a workshop on Evaluating an Individual's Carbon Footprint for the 'Communications for Development' students from Xavier's Institute of Communication, Mumbai. A basic carbon calculator has been designed by Dr Priyadarshini Karve to calculate an individual's carbon footprint.

    The session with the students involved:
    Step One: Collecting of basic data from their daily life and residence
    Step Two: Filling in the data that the calculator requires
    Step Three: Evaluating their results
    Step Four: Developing criteria for reducing emissions
    Step Five: Taking steps to reduce emissions

  • Skill upgradation and exposure visit for Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs)
    10th - 14thOct - 2017

    A five-days skill upgradation and exposure visit for Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) in Vanantharam. 21 THPs from Srikakulam and Viziangaram districts participated in the programme.

  • Validation of LAYA Surakshana Wood-stove project
    6th & 10thOct - 2017

    Two validators, Chetan TR and MP Kanal, Banglore, visited LAYA to validate Laya Surakshana Wood-stove project. The field verification was done in Chidumanuvedhi, Muvvalavada, Chinna Addateegala. The validators interviewed the members of the community and also inspected user agreement and construction records.

    As a follow up, a meeting with the staff was organized at Vanantharam to review the LAYA Surakshana wood stoves project.

  • Training programme on PESA Act
    5th & 6th Oct - 2017

    A two-days training program was organized at ITDA, Rampachodavaram for the Government field functionaries, Tahsildars, Mandal Development Officers, key stakeholders of Gram Sabha and PRIs on PESA Act, rules and operational guidelines. The idea is to develop convergence among the government functionaries, key stakeholders of gram sabha and NGO volunteers in mainstreaming gram sabha in local governance.

  • Bread for the World (BfW) Partner consultation on Health policy
    3rd - 6th Oct - 2017

    Mr G Bulliyya, Coordinator, Herbal Based Health Care took part in the consultation and presented inputs on promotion of traditional medicine. The consultation was on mutual learning and exchange on approaches and good practices among partner organisations to input into the health policy of Bread for the World, which is currently being developed.

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