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  • 19th Organic World Congress 2017
    9th - 11th Nov - 2017

    Mr B Chakra Babu, Field Coordinator, Natural Resource Management and team attended the Organic World Congress of IFOAM - Organics International. The aim of the congress was to share experiences, innovations and knowledge about the organic world, while giving the organizing country global visibility. It attracts international attention and offers a global platform for exchange. It benefits a number of different organic stakeholders, including the local and global organic movements, farmers, governments, international development agencies, policy-makers, researchers and scientists, and trade.
    LAYA team also put up a kiosk to exhibit organic agricultural products.

  • Adivasi Samvaad
    8th & 9th Nov - 2017

    Laya in collaboration with the Community Based Organisation (CBO) Federation, Andhra Pradesh Adivasi Sanghala Samakhya (APPSS) has organized a State Level Convention - Adivasi Samvaad for Adivasi youth from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. Around 200 members, out of which 184 are Adivasi men and women have participated in the Samvaad making it a vibrant event. The focus of the Adivasi Samvaad was on ‘Youth Leadership in Community Development.

  • Andhra Pradesh Advisory Council
    7th Nov - 2017

    Mr Palla Trinadha Rao, Advocate attended the Andhra Pradesh Tribes Advisory Council (APTAC), a constitutional body, as a Special Invitee and recommended a need to bring changes to the Land Transfer Regulation (LTR) and Settlement Regulation enabling cancellation of orders issued in favour of non-tribals. Interestingly the APTAC has approved the proposal to examine both the regulations and to amend them. Moreover another proposal to examine all the state laws and GOs or rules which are not in conformity with the provisions of Central PESA Act 1996 was also approved at the TAC.
    His mandate is to come up with legal amendments and place the same before the Tribes Advisory Council in the next meeting in order to seek its approval and send it to the Governor.

  • Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs)
    31st Oct - 2017

    Organized a THPs meeting at Pathakota village. THPs from 3 panchayats, Pathakota, Daragedda and Gurthedu took part in the meeting.

  • Panchayat Micro Plans
    31st Oct - 2017

    Organized a preparation meeting of panchayat micro plans at Gurthedu, upper part of Y. Ramavaram with Sarpanches of 5 panchayats. The main theme of the meeting was to educate PRI members to prepare plans for each panchayat and focus on village wise issues. These plans will be submitted to the Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), District Collector and Tribal Welfare Commissioner.

  • German Journalist’s visit
    30th Oct - 2017

    An independent German Journalist, Thomas Kruchem visited Paderu area to know how improved cook stoves help women especially in relation to reducing indoor pollution.

  • Climate Change Education Programme
    28th Oct - 2017

    Climate Change sessions were conducted with V to VIII Standard students at Mangampadu. 160 boys and 8 teachers took part in the programme. The children were encouraged in planting plants like mango, papaya, drumstick, guava and leaf variety plants.

  • Community Based Organisations (CBO) Network District Level meeting held in Paderu
    26th Oct - 2017

    The main focus of the CBOs Network District Level meeting was to discuss the action plan with reference to Model Gramsabhas, Government schemes, Recognition of Forest Rights (RoFR), podu pattas, health camps, ration cards and to take part in the Adivasi Samvaad 2017 in Addateegala, East Godavari district in November. It was also planned to meet the Sub Collector regarding these issues.

  • Borewell training Programme in Dhanyapalem Panchayat
    25th Oct - 2017

    As part of our mandate to enhance skill development in our working areas, the LAYA team conducted an 8-day training program for youth on borewell maintenance and repairs.
    The young men are then able to earn from the Panchayat by providing this added service to the community. The training involves a comprehensive understanding of the functions of borewells, the tools used to repair them, and finding solutions to the problems that occur to the borewells.

  • Low Carbon Improved Cook Stoves
    25th Oct - 2017

    In our endeavor to provide access to clean and healthy cooking options to the Adivasi women, LAYA continues to construct Low Carbon Improved Cookstoves. Four new members were trained for mud stove construction from Gurthedu, Dhanyapalem, Dusarapamu and Addateegala panchayats.
    The field team are building new cookstoves as well as servicing the previously built ones for the community.

  • Pre-COP 23 Consultation
    24th Oct - 2017

    Ms Ajita Tiwari, made a presentation on “The State of Carbon Markets and the New Market Mechanism (NMM)” during the Pre-CoP 23 Consultation on ‘Ensuring Equity in Paris Agreement Rulebook’ organized by PAIRVI and other Civil Society organisations at IIC, New Delhi. She presented the architecture of the emerging NMM, its interaction with Kyoto Protocol, the post 2020 regime and the current elements under negotiations. She raised the concern that given the experience of CDM in India, NMM should not serve as a false solution but meet the objective of overall GHG reductions. She pointed out that without a viable carbon pricing mechanism, binding emissions reduction targets and neglecting sustainable development objectives, carbon markets in any form would continue to fail us!

  • PESA Act implementation - facilitating Model Gram Panchayats in the Scheduled Areas of Andhra Pradesh
    24th Oct - 2017

    A field level meeting was organized on developing Model Gram Panchayats under PESA Act and Rules with all the line department officials. The meeting focused on the roles and responsibilities of both functionaries and stake holders of Gram Sabhas / Gram Panchayats.

  • Crash Literacy Course
    23nd - 27th Oct - 2017

    A Crash Literacy Course was held in Paderu from October 23 – 27, 2017. The main objective of this effort is to reach out to Adivasi women learners and equip them with basic literacy skills, especially their ability to read in Telugu and numeracy skills in order to facilitate their effective functioning as leaders at the grassroots’ level. As the women can speak the language fluently we felt that there must be a way by which their literary skills could be developed quickly rather than in a long-term accompaniment process as in traditional adult literacy classes. This particular batch of 30 women learners hail from Hukumpeta and Pedabayalu Mandal. They are mostly women who are between the ages of 20 and 40.

    Also discussed about tribal women inheritance property right during the workshop period.
    A Crash Literacy Course was held in Paderu from October 23 – 27, 2017. The main objective of this effort is to reach out to Adivasi women learners and equip them with basic literacy skills, especially their ability to read in Telugu and numeracy skills in order to facilitate their effective functioning as leaders at the grassroots’ level. As the women can speak the language fluently we felt that there must be a way by which their literary skills could be developed quickly rather than in a long-term accompaniment process as in traditional adult literacy classes. This particular batch of 30 women learners hail from Hukumpeta and Pedabayalu Mandal. They are mostly women who are between the ages of 20 and 40.

    Crash Literacy Course champ, V. Chinnari. She is 31 years old and is an agricultural laborer. eing physically challenged since birth she has been looked down upon in the community. She hails from a financially poor family and hence they weren't able to educate her. V. Chinnari has participated in our Crash Literacy Course and she has learnt to write a few words and sign her very own name for the first time. She is now also able to do basic math and to count money. This will help her immensely when she goes to the market by herself.
    In the words of V. Chinnari: 'I am more confident now and I want to inspire my other physically challenged friends'.

  • Zero Budget Natural Farming
    22nd Oct - 2017

    Mr K Koteswara Rao, Coordinator, Natural Resource Management participated in an NGOs meeting held at Kovel Foundation, Visakhapatnam to discuss on the Draft MoU of Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming project.

  • Desi backyard Poultry program
    16th Oct - 2017

    Distribution of cement bags to families in Somannapalem cluster for construction of night shelter as part of the Desi Backyard Poultry program. The programme is in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government Department of Animal Husbandry and WASSAN, NGO, Hyderabad and LAYA is a Field Partner and is responsible for implementation of the project in Y Ramavaram and Addateegala mandals.

  • Special Ayurvedic Health Camp
    15th - 17th Oct - 2017

    Special Ayurvedic Health Camps were organized in Paderu in 6 different villages in collaboration with AYUSH Department. The team provided treatment for gynecology problems, common illness, etc to 250 villagers.

  • Workshop on evaluating an individual's carbon footprint
    14th Oct - 2017

    LAYA in collaboration with the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change and Samuchit Enviro Tech conducted a workshop on Evaluating an Individual's Carbon Footprint for the 'Communications for Development' students from Xavier's Institute of Communication, Mumbai. A basic carbon calculator has been designed by Dr Priyadarshini Karve to calculate an individual's carbon footprint.

    The session with the students involved:
    Step One: Collecting of basic data from their daily life and residence
    Step Two: Filling in the data that the calculator requires
    Step Three: Evaluating their results
    Step Four: Developing criteria for reducing emissions
    Step Five: Taking steps to reduce emissions

  • Skill upgradation and exposure visit for Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs)
    10th - 14thOct - 2017

    A five-days skill upgradation and exposure visit for Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) in Vanantharam. 21 THPs from Srikakulam and Viziangaram districts participated in the programme.

  • Validation of LAYA Surakshana Wood-stove project
    6th & 10thOct - 2017

    Two validators, Chetan TR and MP Kanal, Banglore, visited LAYA to validate Laya Surakshana Wood-stove project. The field verification was done in Chidumanuvedhi, Muvvalavada, Chinna Addateegala. The validators interviewed the members of the community and also inspected user agreement and construction records.

    As a follow up, a meeting with the staff was organized at Vanantharam to review the LAYA Surakshana wood stoves project.

  • Training programme on PESA Act
    5th & 6th Oct - 2017

    A two-days training program was organized at ITDA, Rampachodavaram for the Government field functionaries, Tahsildars, Mandal Development Officers, key stakeholders of Gram Sabha and PRIs on PESA Act, rules and operational guidelines. The idea is to develop convergence among the government functionaries, key stakeholders of gram sabha and NGO volunteers in mainstreaming gram sabha in local governance.

  • Bread for the World (BfW) Partner consultation on Health policy
    3rd - 6th Oct - 2017

    Mr G Bulliyya, Coordinator, Herbal Based Health Care took part in the consultation and presented inputs on promotion of traditional medicine. The consultation was on mutual learning and exchange on approaches and good practices among partner organisations to input into the health policy of Bread for the World, which is currently being developed.

  • Climate Change Education Workshop for members of Active Teachers Forum, at Indradhanushya Environment and Citizenship Centre, Pune
    24th Sep - 2017

    LAYA in collaboration with Samuchit Enviro Tech, Pune, organised a Climate Change Education Workshop for members of Active Teachers Forum, at Indradhanushya Environment and Citizenship Centre, Pune. The workshop was attended by 22 participants, including teachers form Zilla Parishad Schools from Pune, Ahmednagar and Nasik districts, teachers from private schools in Pune, and individuals working with education focused organisations.

    The participants used the inputs from the workshop to design and implement at least one climate change education focused activity over the next three months. There will be follow up workshops to take the process forward.

    The next generation will have to deal with climate change - its impacts as well as the regulations that may come into force in the bid to tackle this global problem. By working through school teachers, we hope to create climate-literate future citizens of India.

  • Gravity Flow Water scheme
    21st Sep - 2017

    This Gravity Flow Water Scheme will help the community by providing water for irrigation and for domestic use. The community members were involved from designing to the implementation of this scheme. Inaugurated at Allurigedda village, Gurthedu panchayat.

  • Youth leadership and PESA Act meeting at Vanantharam
    16th Sep - 2017

    The main focus of the meeting was to create awareness on PESA Gram Sabha functioning and the role of the youth in community development.

  • Team from PODS, Mumbai visit LAYA
    8th - 11th Sep - 2017

    Ms Promita Jadhav and Mr Sunil Chhugani from Print On Demand Services Pvt Ltd (PODS), Mumbai visited Addateegala and Paderu field areas. They interviewed Energy Efficient Woodstoves users, Adivasi women who are benefiting from Hydrams, Community Health Practitioners, (CHPs), Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs), Bio Sand Water Filters users, Youth Leaders, Women from the literacy team and farmers applying System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and mixed cropping.

  • Translating Clean Energy Research to Rural India UK- India Newton Researchers Link Workshop
    4th - 8th , Sep - 2017

    Mr G Bulliyya from LAYA attended a workshop on UK – India Newton Researchers Link: Translating Clean Energy Research to Rural India. He made a presentation on LAYA Surakshana VER project, mainly the challenges faced during the implementation of the project and monitoring challenges.

  • Australian students’ exposure visit to Addateegala
    4th - 8th Sep - 2017

    Six Australian Post Graduate students accompanied by Augustine Ullatil, Coordinator, Community Aid Alliance, Bangalore, one of the INECC team members visited Addateegala on an exposure visit focusing on the thematic subject of Climate Change. The students were exposed to projects on adaptation and mitigation initiatives at the grassroots level.

  • Training activity for farmers in Sustainable Agriculture
    23nd Aug - 2017

    Natural Resource Management Unit of LAYA promotes preparation of high humus and liquid form of manures for crops through training activity for 150 farmers in Sustainable Agriculture held at Boddagandi, Gurthedu, Daragadda and Pathakota panchayats of Y Ramavaram mandal.

  • Climate Change Eduction Pprogramme in schools
    22nd Aug - 2017

    Organised awareness programme on Climate Change Education for school children in Addateegala and Paderu. Also encouraged the children in planting some plant species in their schools and explained the importance of trees.

  • Procurement of a Leaf Plate making machine
    21st Aug - 2017

    NRM unit of LAYA facilitated the procurement of a Leaf Plate making machine from Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) for the Boddagandhi Mutually Aided Cooperative Society (MACS).

  • Adivasi Day Celebrations
    9th Aug - 2017

    Adivasi day celebrations took place in 4 districts, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam in varied locations. Around 500 adivasis; children, youth and community members have actively participated in the celebrations. The community members spoke on their tradition and cultural rights, Legal provisions and the way forward.

  • Borewell Training Programme for Adivasi Youth at Vanantaram
    28th July - 4th Aug - 2017

    A week long Borewell repair training programme was held for 9 selected tribal youth representing Somannapalem, Dakodu, Dhanyapalem Gram Panchayats of Addategala mandal in East Godavari district on hand pump repairing organized by LAYA in Vanantahram. The trainers created awareness on use of spare parts and frequent problems of hand pumps and its solutions. LAYA supplied tool kits to the trained tribal youth. The training would help to get local employment.

  • Back Yard Poultry Meeting in field areas
    3rd & 5th Aug - 2017

    Organised a meeting to create awareness on back yard poultry in Nimmalapalem village. Also visited a traditional breeder farm in the village.

    There was a follow up review meeting conducted by LAYA, Addateegala on August 3, 2017. A local Veterinary Doctor was invited for the meeting. He gave suggestions on how to maintain surroundings and health of the birds and also explained about some medicines which were provided in the medical kit. The doctor also explained about desi poultry dash board to vaccinators and how their kobo data will be useful in this dash board.

    To take the process further a motivation meeting was organized in Yeradalabanda village of Dakodu cluster of Addateegala mandal on August 5, 2017.

  • Distribution of NTFP Plants
    July - 2017

    NTFP plants like jafra (edible dye plant, chinta (tamarind), kovela (gum plant), usiri (amla), panasa (jackfruit), ganga (pongamia), vepa (neem) were distributed to the community members as a pilot in villages of Dhanyapalem, Somannapalem and Dakodu gram panchayats.

  • Village Level Committee (VLC) Meeting
    26th July - 2017

    Organized Village Level Committee (VLC) meeting in Andiba village, Hukumpeta mandal with a participation of 45 members. The focus of the meeting was to strengthen the VLCs and create awareness on local issues.

  • Young Farmers Training Programme in Paderu
    15th - 16th July - 2017

    40 young farmers from Y Ramavaram mandal took part in this training cum exposure programme. The focus of the training was to impart the process of package of practices of horticulture, homestead lands, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), etc.

  • Women Farmers Training cum Exposure Visit
    13th & 14th July - 2017

    Youth and Women Empowerment team members along with Addateegala women participated in womens’ farmer training cum exposure visit on millet cultivation and consumption at household level at Regional Agricultural Research Stations (RARS), Chintapalli and visited Rangaseela and Peddagaruvu villages of Hukumpeta mandal as part of the field visit.

  • Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) Decision Making Tool – Cooking Energy Services Training Program
    10th - 16th July - 2017

    Dr. Priyadarshini Karve from Samuchit Enviro Tech, Pune anchored the training process with the main inputs on the AIREC tool and her colleague Mr. Ravindra Aravind Deshmukh facilitated the trips to the field on surveys and Carbon Monoxide (CO) efficiency tests.

    The participants were selected on the basis of representing various districts/regions of LAYAs work area. In all 15 participants attended the first 2 days and a core group of 6 people continued with the training process which focused on the field surveys and cook stove CO efficiency tests.

  • Meeting with Local Officials on SRI
    3rd July - 2017

    Conducted a meeting with Mandal Agriculture Officer (MAO) and Block Technology Manager (BTM), Department of Agriculture in Settipali village, Dhanyampalam Gram Panchayat and supplied paddy seeds to 50 farmers to follow the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) methods.

  • Climate Change Education programme
    2rd July - 2017

    Laya – INECC in association with the Archdiocese of Bombay and St Anthony’s Parish launching the Climate Change Education program with a tree plantation drive

  • Health Camps
    July & August - 2017

    Conducted a special Homeo medical camp in 28 villages covering 33 schools and distributed malaria preventive tablets for 5400 students and villagers on July 1, 2017

    Conducted free special Ayuvedic health camps for 3 days in 12 villages and provided treatment to 450 patients in Addateegala, Y Ramavaram, Gangavaram mandals on July 1, 2017

    Conducted Ayurvedic medical camps for 2 days in Boddagandi and Daragedda panchayats and provided treatment for 250 patients in 6 villages on August 30, 2017

  • Promoting Kitchen Gardens
    July & August - 2017

    As part of promoting kitchen garden among the villagers, LAYA initiated a process of distribution of vegetable seeds mini kits consisting of 12 varieties to 1090 households in 10 panchayats of East Godavari district.

  • Bakery Entrepreneur Training, Hyderabad
    22nd & 23rd June - 2017

    Youth from Women’s Empowerment unit participated in the Bakery Entrepreneur Training held at KVR Banker’s, Hyderabad. The training was part of the Comprehensive Revival of Millets Project. The participants were trained on baking technology of millet and preparation of bakery items.

  • Sustainable Development Goals:
    21st June - 2017

    Two meetings were held in Mumbai on Policy briefs to discuss on the following Sustainable Development Goals:

    1. SDG 2: Eradicate hunger, ensure nutrition, sustainable agriculture and food security and enhance farmers income
    2. SDG 4: Education
    3. SDG 11: A Vision for Indian Cities in the context of SDG 11: Make Cities Inclusive, Safe, Sustainable and Resilient
    4. SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
    5. SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Workshop on Mega Seed Park Project
    14th June - 2017

    Mega Seed Park Project – Second Stakeholder workshop for Farmers and NGOs organized by Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Regional Agricultural Research Stations (RARS), Nandyal and IOWA State University.

    Mr S Srinivas, Kondla Kameswar Rao and Sadala Laxmayya, farmers from Pathakota participated in the Second Stakeholder Workshop on behalf of LAYA. The Government gave LAYA the responsibility of playing the role of facilitating agency for community managed seed system in East Godavari District.

  • Issue of Ration cards in Meba village Resolved
    June - 2017

    Mr Venugopal Rao, Revenue Development Officer, Paderu, made an enquiry on Meba village ration cards issue and ordered Mr Shyam Babu, Mandal Revenue Officer the MRO to resolve the issue. As a result of the initiative taken up by the LAYA team the issue has been resolved by the MRO. 53 families are getting provisions from the ration depot.

  • Promotion of Millets through Mana Vitta Kendram (MVK)
    June - 2017

    LAYA facilitated the purchase of millets through Mana Vitta Kendram (MVK), Boddagandi Mutually Aided Cooperative Society (MACS) in Mangampadu and Chintalapudi Panchayats.

    The plan is to install a processing unit and supply millets through the public distribution system in two panchayats, Pathakota and Mangampadu as a pilot.

  • Womens Crash Literacy Programme at Addateegala, East Godavari district
    15th - 19th June - 2017

    Identification of participants for Crash Literacy programme through organizing village level meetings in Dakodu Panchayat followed by Literacy orientation meeting.

    Mr Praveen Kumar, Branch Manager, Union Bank of India and Mr BTM Babu Rao, Block Technology Manager, ATMA, Addateegala were invited to the meeting. They took a session on banking services and integrated farming systems related to tribal area and informed the women that loans are available for short term agriculture and income generation activities.

  • State level Consultation on Recognition of Forest Rights Act (FRA) in Vijayawada
    12th June - 2017

    450 tribal youth participated from 5 districts: Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, East Godavari and West Godavari for the State Level Convention held in Vijayawada under the aegis of Andhra Pradesh Adivasi Sanghala Samakhya, APASS, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union, APVVU, Anakapalli and National Alliance for People’s Movement, NAPM, West Godavari and Swaraj Abhiyan, Anakapalli.

    A Krishna Rao, President, APASS urged the Government to review the implementation of FRA in the state because officials had rejected nearly 60% claims of Tribals under the Act.

  • Drawing Competition on Environment day at LAYA Office
    5th June - 2017

    Organized a drawing competition for local school children at LAYA office, Addateegala as part of the Environment Day.

  • Installation of ‘Plastic’ Bio-sand filters at Vanantaram
    24th April - 2017

    Installation of ‘Plastic’ Bio-sand filters at Vanantharam as a pilot

  • Annual General Body meeting of Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs)
    31st March - 2017 & 18th April - 2017

    Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) General Body meeting cum Herbal Exhibition was held at Addateegala, East Godavari district with a participation of 70 THPs followed by a Network Annual General Body meeting of THPs in Paderu, Visakhapatnam district.

  • A meeting on Corporate Conclave on Sustainable Development and Climate Change
    18th April - 2017

    Laya – INECC in collaboration with Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) organization a half-a-day meeting on Corporate Conclave on Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Ranchi. The meeting was set up to understand the corporate scenario when it comes to CSR funding and the different prospects that an NGO can create to engage with CSR funding from an environmental lens.

  • Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation, Kathmandu
    17th - 21st April - 2017

    Two of our team members participated in a workshop on Climate Change Adaptation, Kathmandu organized by Bread for the World. As part of the programme, the team had a meeting with the community in NOWBHISHI village in Nepal on Adaptation impact.

  • Backyard Poultry Kobo collect training programme at Vanantaram
    15th April - 2017

    Conducted a training programme on ‘Kobo Collect’, it is a software tool to design a questionnaire and collect data both online and offline by using smart phones.

  • National Lok Adalat day at Addateegala court
    8th April - 2017

    The National Lok Adalat settled 18 accident and preparation of alcohol cases in Addateegala, East Godavari district.

  • Rally on implementation of food security act in Hukumpeta Mandal
    April - 2017

    A representation was made to the Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) by 56 families of Meba village, Hukumpeta to draw attention of the officials on the issuance of duplicate ration cards. The MRO agreed to address the issue in a month’s time. The villagers were also interviewed by the media on the issue.

  • Energy Roundtable in Odisha -The Energy - Equity Link
    29th March - 2017

    The fourth and final round of roundtables on the energy study undertaken by Laya – INECC together with Misereor, Germany was co-organised with DESI Technologies.

    This roundtable was organized on the backdrop of an India case study that Laya – INECC and MISEREOR (Germany) have been involved with. The key objective of this study is to explore how India could address its chronic energy poverty and development challenges in a manner that not only ensures human rights but respects environmental integrity and planetary boundaries. Green energy entrepreneurs, think tanks and energy practitioners shared the reality of the energy story in Odisha and developed an action plan to follow up on the discussions.

  • Odisha Mutlistakeholder Dialogue on Climate Change – Development – Equity
    28th March - 2017

    The Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC), UDYAMA, Laya organised a one day dialogue on the 28th March at Bhubaneswar. The dialogue brought together a small group of stakeholders from across Odisha to deliberate on Community resilience models being experimented / implemented in different ecosystems of Odisha, in order to influence policies in favour of such approaches. The morning session of the dialogue highlighted practice insights on Adaptation from ground experiences from various stakeholder perspectives including NGOs, Corporate, academia and the government. The second session of the day focused on looking at practice – policy linkages and identified asymmetries in policy frameworks. Four key actionable plans were identified as a way forward to build on the dialogue and forge synergise for inclusive growth and Climate resilient sustainable development.

  • THP's Skill Upgradation Programme at Vanantaram
    26th March - 2017

    Traditional Health Practitioners skill upgradation training programme in collaboration with Amrutha Welfare Society, Paderu

  • Womens Crash Literacy Programme Conducting at Paderu & Addateegala
    25th March - 2017

    Literacy orientation meeting in Paderu followed by Crash Literacy Programme in Addategala

  • Orientation Exercise on Outcome and Impacts
    20th - 23rd March - 2017

    Organized an Outcome and Impact Orientation Exercise facilitated by Mr Prakash Kumar Laya, Association for Stimulating Know How (ASK) at Vanantharam, Addateegala

  • Herbal Medicine Preparation Training Program
    18th - 22nd March - 2017

    Conducted 5 days training Programme with 20 tribal youth from 4 districts of Andhra Pradesh on Module V for Kovel Foundation team members

  • Community Forest Rights survey
    14th March - 2017

    Community Forest Rights survey undertaken at Gadilanka village of Veeragattam mandal. Representatives of Community Based Organisations, villager representatives and the Project Officer, Revenue Division Officer, Forest Range Officer, Mandal Revenue Officer, participated in the survey

  • Women’s Day Celebrations in Addateegala and Paderu
    8th March - 2017

    Women’s Day Celebrations in Addateegala and Paderu on 8th of March 2017, focused on importance of education for women, overall development of women, community issues and awareness on Women’s Rights and Reservations.

  • 'Women in Climate Change'
    8th March - 2017

    'Women in Climate Change'. It was organised by United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), UNWOMEN and Aligarh Muslim University on the occasion of Womens' day. The talk was organised as part of the seminar on "Agenda 2030- Expanding the knowledge frontier".

    The talk highlighted the problem of Climate Change globally and for India in particular. It touched upon the differential vulnerabilities of developed and developing countries and more specifically the vulnerabilities of poor and marginalised especially our women. It pointed to the fact that women in India have been facing socio economic-cultural challenges, and that climate adds another layer of vulnerability to their livelihoods and existence. It highlighted that despite the current Climate risks and uncertainties, women were playing significant role as agents of change, by contributing to mitigation, adaptation and climate proofing of some of the traditional development activities. (Egs of women involved with aggregating solar modules, maintaining solar parks, supporting Sustainable agriculture, barefoot educators etc), however their voices were not considered in decision making processes. It called upon to policy makers and developed related decision makers to consider the experience and wisdom of women in carving out effective climate and development policies. It concluded saying that if we are serious about tackling the climate crisis, we should be serious enough in empowering women on Climate Change.

  • Interaction with students on Climate Change in Paderu and Addateegala areas
    March - 2017

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development orientation meetings with the Small Christian Community (SCC) Mumbai.
    4th March - 2017

    Climate Change and Sustainable Development orientation meetings with the Small Christian Community (SCC) animators of the Central Suburbs Deanery of the Archdiocese of Mumbai

  • Festival on Bio-Diversity
    2nd March - 2017

    Festival on Bio-Diversity Program in Addateegala, East Godavari District and Paderu, Visakhapatnam District

  • Community Health Practitioners skill upgradation training at Vanantharam, Addateegala & Paderu :
    30th January & 19th - 21st February - 2017

  • Publication of Report on Energy Access and Energy Security
    th February - 2017

    A report by K Koteswara Rao, Coordinator, Natural Resource Management Unit was published in the joint report 2015 by Climate Action Network – International. (report link)

  • Sustainably Smart Cities
    18th February - 2017

    LAYA in collaboration with Samuchit Enviro Tech organized a round table discussion on ‘Sustainably Smart Pune’. LAYA and Samuchit have been engaged in a pilot study project towards making Pune a Sustainable City by 2030. The meeting highlighted a methodology on how to incorporate socio-economic equity and ecological concerns in the urban planning process in the context of Pune city. Similar studies are being undertaken in Visakhapatnam and New Delhi.
  • Climate Change Adaptations Programme at Hosur
    16th - 18th February - 2017

    Mr K Koteswara Rao and Ms A Padmavathi participated in the “Programme on Climate Change Adaptation” at Hosur, Tamil Nadu organized by Bankers Institute of Rural Development, (BIRD).

  • Climate Change Programme for Young Green Entrepreneurs
    16th February - 2017

    A one day workshop on ‘Climate Change Programme for Young Green Entrepreneurs’ was organized by Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) in collaboration with LAYA and Samuchit Enviro Tech at BAIF, Pune. The main focus of the meeting was to explore the unique areas where entrepreneurs who are promoting environmental responsibility could come together to better understand innovative methods of supporting and scaling green innovations and to explore opportunities to better support the needs of young green entrepreneurs.
  • Yuva Drishti at Varanasi
    11th & 12th February - 2017

    Laya, in collaboration with the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC), Department of Economics, Banaras Hindu University and Social Action and Research Centre (SARC) organized a two day youth program: “Climate Change Action: We can Make A Difference”

    We had a participant group of about 140 students over the two days comprising undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and doctorates. They were introduced to topics like basics of climate science, climate justice issues, international and national policies, and how to build a campaign.

    We are looking at a long term engagement with Banaras Hindu University in the future.

  • Orientation for teachers on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
    10th February - 2017

    A one-day teachers’ Orientation programme on Climate Change and Sustainable Development was organised in collaboration with Vikas Evam Shikshan Sansthan (VESS) and WH Smith School of Varanasi. The event was attended by 68 teachers from across 16 schools of Varanasi. Other representatives like the District Commissioner, Rotary club representatives, an eminent lawyer and a Padma Shree awardee were also present for the programme.

    The orientation highlighted the following:

    • The need to respond to knowledge gaps on Climate Change and sustainable development among teachers
    • The need to help teachers explore these link to the subjects being taught
    • The urgency to create curriculums to integrate knowledge on Climate Change.
  • MISEREOR Partner Workshop on Resource Mobilisation
    7th - 9th February - 2017

    MISEREOR organized a three day workshop on Resource Mobilization and Communication. The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the financial independence of partner organizations and to discuss about the challenges and opportunities of resource mobilization. Siddharth D’Souza and Myron Mendes took part in the workshop.

  • Installation of Bio-sand water filter at Paderu
    26th January - 2017

  • Tribal Youth Farmers’ certification training programme on Climate Resilient Agriculture
    24th January - 2017

  • One day orientation meeting on crash literacy programme in Boddgunta village, Chintalapudi
    24th January - 2017

  • Organized a stall on Millets at an Exhibition at Sagara Sambaralu, Kakinada
    January - 2017

    The Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr Chinna Rajappa visited the stall

  • LAYA Facilitated Tarpaulins for Farmers
    January - 2017

    The Natural Resource Management Unit of LAYA facilitated tarpaulins for farmers involved in growing millets from the Department of Agriculture at a subsidiary price.

  • WASSAN and Laya team visited Back Yard Poultry Breeder Farm
    10th January - 2017

    Watershed Support Services and Activity Network (WASSAN) and Laya team visited Backyard Poultry Breeder Farms to propose sites for feasibility in Addateegala and Y Ramavaram mandals.

  • Inauguration of Hydro Ram Pumps in Sariyapalli
    9th January - 2017

    Inauguration of Hydro ram pumps in Sariyapalli Village, by Sarpanch and Mandal Perished Territorial Constituency (MPTC) of Sikari Panchayat Peddabayulu Mandal benefitting 25 families.

  • Follow up visit on cookstoves and water filters study project by a team from Colorado University, Denver
    6th - 12th January - 2017

    A one day preparatory meet was organized to reflect on the study process and share current insights. The Denver team also visited the field area and had several focus group meetings with improved stove and water filter users, control groups, installers and manufacturers and also observed fuel collection activities.

  • Climate Change Awareness Programme Organized at Ashram Schools
    27th - 29thDecember - 2016

    Climate change awareness programme organized at Ashram Schools of Mangampadu, Gurthedu and Daragadda Villages of Y Ramavaram Mandal.

  • Organized village level meetings on Backyard Poultry Cultivation
    27th - 29th December - 2016

    Organized village level meetings in Mangampadu, Gurthedu, PM Lanka, Pathakota and Chintalapudi clusters on Backyard Poultry Cultivation

  • Inauguration of A.P. MARKFED Millets Procurement Centre
    19th December - 2016

    Inauguration of A.P. MARKFED (Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd) Millets procurement centre in Mangampadu village by Boddagandi Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies (MACS) representatives, Sarpanch and Mandal Praja Mandal Perished Territorial Constituency (MPTC).

  • A three – days workshop on “Education for Sustainable Development”
    8th - 10th December - 2016

    With an objective to strengthen responses to Climate Change, a three-day workshop on “Education for Sustainable Development” was co-organized by Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) – Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and National Coalition for Education (NCE) at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. A first of its kind for Educators from across 11 states of India, the workshop explored the fundamental links between Growth – Development and Climate Change and the crucial role of educators in promoting effective engagement of students, children, youth and other stakeholders to accelerate progress towards sustainable development, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to the Doha Work Programme under the Paris Agreement.
  • Decarbonised and Decentralised Energy Future possible for India - The Energy Equity Link
    30th November - 2016

    A one day expert consultation on” How is a Decarbonised and Decentralised Energy Future possible for India - The Energy Equity Link” was co-organised by INECC- LAYA and MISEREOR. The consultation examined the current state of play of the Energy landscape in India, reflected on future Energy scenarios posited by various modeling groups and highlighted the value of community based decentralised renewable energy projects undertaken in several parts of the country. In the backdrop of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) being on the brink of releasing a new Energy policy for India which is expected to form the basis of India’s energy security paradigm, this consultation found it crucial for the new energy paradigm to be embedded in the principles of equity and justice, not only domestically but also internationally and to proactively move forwards in a direction that speaks for justice, job creation and sustainable economic development.
  • Collaboration on Rural Water Supply Scheme on hydrams
    20th November - 2016

    The LAYA team has been collaborating with the local government since August 2016 on installation of 4 hydrams in two villages, Chapadi and Koithguda in Ananthagiri and one ram pump in Kummariputtu village in Paderu mandals. The hydram in Paderu was completed by November end. The hydrams provide drinking water facility at the village level. More such sites are being located.
  • 300 students and 35 teachers from 3 High schools visit Vanantharam
    20th November - 2016

    Standard IX students from 3 Zilla Parishad High Schools, Mugalikuduru, Muramanda and Kesanapalli visited Vanantharam as part of their botanical tour organized by the schools.
  • Participating in an All India Meet and Herbal Exhibition at Jamshedpur
    15th - 19th November - 2016

    TATA Steel, Jamshedpur organized an event “Adivasi Samvad” where 14 States participated. For this event, 12 traditional healers from East Godavari and Paderu districts accompanied by 2 Laya team members participated. The Herbal Based Health Care team organised a herbal exhibition during this event.

  • Revival of Millets Programme
    15th November - 2016

    As part of the comprehensive revival of millets programme (CRMP) where LAYA’s role is to revive production, consumption, processing and marketing of millets, Laya facilitated a meeting with Community managed seed system stakeholders and APMarkfed. The meeting took place at Vanantharam and the focus was on production and marketing of millets.
  • Two-day Meet by the Adivasi Sangala Samakya
    8th & 9th November - 2016

    This programme was attended by 130 Adivasi members from 40 CBOs from East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts. The focus was mainly on issues relating to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), Right to Information (RTI), Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA), Recognition of Forest Rights (ROFR) etc.

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