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  • CAWST Certification
  • Implementing the Laya Paderu woodstoves VER project (Article in Telugu)
    D. Lova Raju (DREO): Dated On : Aug 1st ,2016 , 17:45 AM IST
    ../PublicFiles/Sarala stoves -Note.pdf

    D. Lova Raju on his experience of constricting 6500 Sarala woodstoves. Raju has been a key member in implementing Paderu woodstoves project since its inception in 2012. Read ...

  • Tribal development a myth
    Palla Trinadha Rao (RLA): Dated On : Aug 14,2015 , 12:44 AM IST
    Inter National Womens Day

    During the current financial year, Rs 1,904 crore was earmarked for the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) in AP, while the budget releasing orders by State Finance Department were only for Rs 605.77 crore, which is 31.81 per cent of the total TSP allocation. Further depressing is the actual expenditure for tribal development, being Rs 496.27 crore, which is 26.05 per cent of the total TSP budget provision. Read ...

  • Ten-day Crash Adult Literacy Programme
    Dated On : 7th October, 2015
    Ten-day Crash Adult Literacy Programme

    The main objective of the programme is to respond to the needs of motivated tribal women and men learners who hold some position of decision making in local bodies but are without literacy skills and must depend on others to read. Read ...

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